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This is also the site where I will be updating and listing the schedule for my radio show, Words of the Morning, which can be heard on on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7 am until 8 am.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ex Libris. The story of journeys with grace

There is something pure and graceful about a beautiful boat in the water. With a steady wind, and sails set, it is a deep privilege to steer a hull through the waters on an appointed course. To feel ones own body  guide the body of the ship is as a dancer in control of one's move with a partner across the floor.
When a motor is shut off and the sails take over ther emerges a timeless connection with everyone who has ever set sail. Leaving the land and resting upon the breathing of the water with the holding embrace of the air sometimes squeezing tighter, one eventually has to let go.  And when I look back and see the timeless rocks upon the shore waiting, silently being with their siblings, I know that in my return my stay will only be for a season set in motion the day I was born.

Monday, June 1, 2015

thought for the day

Love is a dance whose first step is taken in the soul of one’s heart and met by the same in another; her turns are spun by looking in to each other’s eyes; her music is the ordinary moments of every day; and once begun one begins what can never be undone.
- The Rev. Peter Jenks

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Obvious revelations

I had a wonderful experience dancing with my sweetheart. Sometimes I find myself embarrassed or humbled in simple revelations. I worked hard on learning the dance moves, what to do and what comes next. Being the man, I am expected to lead, so I took special care in learning what to do next. Then as the performance arrived I began to discover that the music wasn't just background sound played to add ambiance but integral and woven into each move. It was an obvious and embarrassing Realization but important nonetheless. I felt a bit humbled that it took me so long to feel the connection between the sound and action. For my understanding and leaning had all been in my head. Love has a way of upending my understanding and moving me into uncharted, to me, territory.  I want to love with all my mind and body and strength and soul, connecting them is sometimes the difficult element.
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